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    C H R I S T M A S S H O O T !

    18, December , 2017

    This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

    December is for the most of us a special and cosy month. We’re together with the people we love. For that occasion Sproet & Sprout has organised a photo shoot in the theme; ‘Pied de Poule’ meets cool boots and a pair of braces.

    Six o’clock in the morning, we woke up and all was still dark outside. This morning began hectic, because we had to put all our stuff for the photo shoot in the car and it was slippery. Once packed and loaded, we continued our way in horrible and stormy weather. On the road, we ended up in a big traffic jam. Poor us! We were not the only ones running late, the parents of our models, Chloe Nova and Junus, were also later than planned.

    When we arrived at the photoshoot location, which was an old school building in Hilversum, the owner of the location greeted us with a big smile on his face. We could use that positive vibe!

    When the models were dressed up in our ‘pied-de-poule’ look, they were a little bit shy. The photographer did everything to make them feel comfortable in the studio. She asked things like: “What did you get from Sinterklaas?” or “What is your favourite food?”.

    When the kids felt at ease, they went all the way. They were running and screaming through the studio and suddenly Chloe Nova started explaining to Junus what the plans are for photo shoot. It was such a funny sight to see them playing in their own worlds.

    As a model you have to work your butt off and that needs to be rewarded. The results are wonderful and that’s why they got a chocolate reindeer and a gift voucher to buy something in our webstore. Maybe they will buy the ‘pied-de-poule’ Christmas outfit!

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